The DAA XL650 Spent Primer Chute attaches directly over the spent primer exit window and directs the spent primers down the supplied tubing.

This then allows you to collect the spent primers in a container placed under your reloading bench or on the floor.

No more spent primers all over your reloading bench or the floor!

The Kit includes:

  • A 120cm (4ft) long PVC flexible tube
  • A Delrin machined adaptor plate to fit your XL650
  • Two longer 8-32 screws to replace the original ones on your Dillon

Assembly Instructions:

1. Remove your spent primer cup (part 16211) and spent primer cup bracket (part 16209) by unscrewing the two primer cup bracket screws (part 14689)

2. Detach the PVC pipe from the adaptor. This makes it easier to assemble the adaptor. Pull the pipe firmly to detach

3. Using the provided longer screws, attached the Delrin adaptor plate to the same mounting holes just vacated. Note that the part is directional so hold it so that the output hole lines up correctly with the exit window of the primers (the pipe mounting point will be on the side closest to you)

4. Reattach the PVC pipe, and run it down to a collecting container. You can consider drilling a hole through your workbench to run the pipe vertically down