CIS Revolution 45 Degree Quick Release Iron

CIS Revolution 45 Degree Quick Release Iron

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The REVO 45 back up iron sight is designed for maximum effectiveness at closer ranges.  Developed with input from some of the Top Competitive, Operational and Tactical minds in the industry.

The REVO 45 is not adjustable and designed to shoot approximately 1″ high at 15 yards.  The aiming dot is positioned at a 45 degree angle from the center of the bore line, not the pic rail, enabling the shooter to maintain consistent elevation and windage POI.

To quick transition from your optic, maintain a consistent cheek weld and simply roll the rifle until the REVO 45 is positioned directly above the bore line.  We believe the REVO 45 is the very best close quarters back up iron sight on the market.   Target acquisition is extremely quick while also establishing a full field of view at the intended target.

The REVO 45 is CNC machined in the USA and made of mid grade carbon steel.  There are 9 different standard lens variations ( Red, Green, Amber, .030″, .040″ & .060″).

For the 3 Gun Shooter, we have developed a USPSA & 3G Nation approved lens that is not deemed an “optic”.