Dead Ringer M&P -3 Sights

Dead Ringer M&P -3 Sights

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What are the advantages of Dead Ringer's Snake Eyes pistol sights? When faced with self-defense or close quarters situations it is paramount that one be able to acquire the target as quickly as possible. Snake Eyes' design lends itself to the natural shooting position while allowing quick target acquisition with minimal learning curve. Even in low-light conditions the tritium front and rear sights glow continuously. Additionally Snake Eyes is manufactured with 100% military grade metals making it both durable and reliable and differentiating it from the plastic sights on the market today.


- Front and Rear Night Sight Combo
- Both front and rear sights have tritium surrounded by Lexan sleeve that appears white during the day and glows green at night
- Rear Sight is a press fit application and should be done by a professional gun smith to avoid potential harm to slide or sight
- All necessary role pins and screws provided


- Type: SP Series
- Fits: Smith & Wesson M&P }