ZEV AR Trigger

ZEV AR Trigger

R4 335,00Price

A Fully Adjustable Trigger for Your AR 15


The new ZEV Technologies SSR (Single Stage Rifle) Trigger was designed to bridge the gap between the multitude of two stage triggers intended for duty use, and single stage competition triggers.

The ZEV SSR Trigger’s engagement, over travel and reset can be adjusted to personal preference. One of the most unique design factors of the new ZEV SSR Trigger is that all adjustments are under detent retention which eliminates the need for thread locker and the possibility of failure from vibration or improper installation.

  • Adjustable
  • Extended trigger bow
  • Two hammer springs included

Each unit ships with two hammer springs allowing for a 5lb to 5.5lb trigger pull weight or a 3lb to 3.5lb trigger pull weight depending on which hammer spring is used.

The ZEV SSR trigger bow has been extended for a better user interface allowing the pad of the finger to easily find its natural position when firing. Get the most out of your duty or sporting rifle with the enhanced features of the ZEV SSR Trigger.